Water fun & games

Water fun & games

Your pool: a play area for young and old!
Your pool is synonymous with holidays and freedom. You are bound to spend a lot of time enjoying yourself around your pool this summer. With a little imagination and a huge range of accessories, laughter is guaranteed.

The basics

An inflatable mattress to stretch out in the sun? Some might see it as a pirate vessel to be boarded whatever it takes! For others, it might be a giant surfboard which you have to stand on for longer than anyone else to win the summer trophy! It doesn't take much for young and old to have fun together. Rubber rings, noodles, slides and water pistols can also make your swimming pool more fun, with plenty of sliding around and water battles!  
Ball games

With a ball and two teams, anything's possible! The pool ball made of plastic or foam can be adapted to any kind of sport: soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, etc. To make your matches more exciting you can acquire inflatable goals, a net, or even a floating basketball board! Here again, this is something children and adults can enjoy together.


Who's the best diver? Only the jury can decide! Everybody can participate in these friendly competitions. Underwater treasure hunts, swimming through hoops, races, ... There'll be plenty of opportunities to get together around the pool for relaxation and aquatic adventures!


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