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Build your pool with Desjoyaux

Building a pool is a major project that must be thought through in detail. Desjoyaux guides you step by step, so that the construction of your pool goes smoothly. If you dream of building a pool: Desjoyaux can help you define every step of the project.

Aménagement piscine desjoyaux

Our photo gallery: first stage before building your pool

Before you start, look at examples of Desjoyaux pools.
For successful pool building, let your imagination run free!

You can get inspiration for your pool from many different sources.
Discover our pool photo gallery.
From the most unusual to the most classic, we can satisfy all your requirements: with Desjoyaux, building your pool becomes child's play!

Building your pool: Think about the structure of your pool

Before building your pool, there are many structural elements to consider: from choosing the shape of the coping boards to the liner colour, everything needs to be considered. Having your pool built is a project you need to plan down to the tiniest detail, to make sure you get the pool of your dreams!
These essential choices can be tricky if you don't ask for help. So, having your pool built also means being supported by a team of experienced experts.

Discover the questions to be asked concerning the pool structure.

Build your pool: What shape should you choose?

To build your pool, you must also define the shape of the pool to build the pool that suits you best. This essential stage will lay the foundations of your project and its implementation. Having your pool built is a commitment that requires you to define many tasks and surround yourself with a team of professionals.

Discover all of our information on pool shapes.

Pool filtration: what you need to know before building your pool

The choice of pool filtration system must be made very carefully. Desjoyaux has developed the best-looking and most efficient pipeless filtration concept possible! Operational and simple filtration is the hallmark of quality pool construction.

Discover the Desjoyaux pool filtration concept.

Have your pool built: Create your virtual pool project

Desjoyaux guides you through all the stages building your made-to-measure pool. Having your pool built by Desjoyaux means being surrounded by a network of experts and receiving lots of advice.

To get help from a Desjoyaux dealer, you can create your virtual pool project, and we will call you to discuss it!