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Outdoor pool

Desjoyaux outdoor pool:

Choose the best possible outdoor pool! Installing a Desjoyaux outdoor pool guarantees you a holiday all summer long.

In-ground pool: a tailor-made outdoor pool

Do you want a lot of space to swim in and an in-ground structure? Let's define your outdoor pool project together, with the in-ground pool.
In kit form or built by our experts, this outdoor pool will satisfy all your requirements.
Every in-ground pool undergoes an installation process guided by tried and tested expertise. From pouring the concrete to laying the liner, Desjoyaux masons help you install this outdoor pool.
If you choose the pool kit option for your outdoor pool, you can test your handyman skills at certain stages of construction, and we will take over for the more "sensitive" operations.
If you prefer to leave the whole pool-building task in our hands. we guarantee the quality of our expertise for an in-ground pool that will satisfy all your requirements.

Whatever your plan, we can help you and guide you in defining your outdoor pool and its installation. Ask for your personalised study on line for this outdoor pool, and one of our dealers will contact you.

Budget solution for an outdoor pool: the above-ground pool

This outdoor pool is the clear choice if you are planning a pool on a tight budget! This economical outdoor pool offers you a quality swim, all the pleasures of the water, and guaranteed Desjoyaux expertise! The above-ground outdoor pool gives you a real peaceful oasis: its autoclaved treated pine frame and coping boards make it an ecological and natural pool! Our above-ground pool is a great leisure accessory for your garden, and a solution that will satisfy your family's desire to take a dip. The main advantage of the outdoor pool? It guarantees that you can enjoy a stay-at-home holiday throughout the summer!

We can offer you two above-ground pool models, in response to all types of outdoor pool plan. Every above-ground pool satisfies all the requirements for installing a pleasure pool at home: risk-free bathing, attractive-looking pool, and quality guaranteed!

The above-ground outdoor pool is also characterised by easy installation.
Quick and easy to install in your garden, this outdoor pool will provide some enjoyable family time in the water.

Technical characteristics of this outdoor pool:

  • Stainless steel ladder
  • Removable wooden ladder for the outside of the pool
  • Mounting hardware and installation instructions for your outdoor pool
  • Light blue liner, liner lock, ground mat and lock strip
  • Built-in filtration unit for each outdoor pool kit
  • 18m3/hour filtration pump
  • Halogen floodlight

Our dealers will be happy to help you optimise your outdoor pool plan.
Ask for your free study and we will call you back to analyse your leisure pool plan together!