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Features of a pool shelter

Abri de piscine bas Desjoyaux

The pool shelter or enclosure is perfect for those wishing to enjoy their pool, even in the event of unreliable weather. Whether low-line, mid-high or high, the Desjoyaux pool enclosure is made in France and provides UV protection. You will be spoiled for choice when looking for the model to suit your needs in the Desjoyaux range.

As a general rule, the pool shelter facilitates pool maintenance by preventing foreign bodies from falling into it. This reduces the frequency of use of accessories or products for that purpose. A shelter or enclosure not only saves the owner a lot of money; it also increases comfort levels by raising the water temperature by 6 to 10 degrees and minimising evaporation. To ensure excellent hygiene, take care not to go above the 28°C threshold. Finally, in addition to limiting the use of the pool heating system, you will no longer need to partially drain it for the winter.

Low-line shelters and enclosures

abri de piscine bas Desjoyaux

Manufactured in Saint-Etienne, the low-line pool shelter, made of a lacquered aluminium structure with polycarbonate roof, offers real benefits in terms of cost. It's the least expensive one in the range. Another important point: like the mid-high pool shelter, it is less than 1.80m tall, and you will not need to apply to your local authorities for permission to install it. If you go for this model, you will soon see how easy it is to handle, especially if you decide to equip it with a motor. If you have a heating system, it will extend the swimming season, for maximum enjoyment. Finally, the shelter comes in 26 colours.

Mid-high shelters

Abri mi-haut  de piscine Desjoyaux

Manufactured in Saint-Etienne, the mid-high powder-coated aluminium pool shelter was the first of the Desjoyaux range to be put on the market. It adapts to all Desjoyaux filter systems. You will have plenty of time to swim beneath it, in any weather. It covers up to ten by five meters and, like the low pool shelter, it can be equipped with a motor. Compliant with the P90-309 standard, this is an approved accessory that prevents access to the pool, so that parents of young children can have peace of mind.

High Shelters

Abri de piscine haut Desjoyaux

The Desjoyaux high pool shelter or residential pool shelter looks like a conservatory, and effectively constitutes an extra room in your house, so you can use your pool however you like, all year round if it is equipped with the Climabri option (heating in winter and ventilation in summer). The ultimate luxury product: the custom-made high pool shelter can easily fit in with the architecture of your house. Fully enclosed, it complies with the P90-309 standard, providing an exceptionally high level of security. It is made of powder-coated aluminium, and you can choose from a range of colours. There are standard sizes, but you are perfectly free to choose a made-to-measure version. 

Whatever you decide, the pool shelter makes for easier maintenance, saves money, optimises comfort by maintaining water temperature and quality, enhances safety around the pool, and extends your swimming season. So please don't hesitate to contact us for your personalised study. Whether you are looking for a pool shelter or any other Desjoyaux product, our dealers will be happy to answer all your questions and help you find what you want.