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Desjoyaux pool shelter

Do you want to make the summer last longer in your pool? Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the pool shelter can extend your swimming season by several months. The pool shelter also helps to protect the water quality. Finally, a shelter is an effective way to make your pool secure when you're not at home.

Desjoyaux low shelter

Do you want to make the summer last longer in your pool? Choose the fully telescopic Desjoyaux low shelter for the most compact solution. It better preserves the heat of the water, while protecting your pool when you are not using it.

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Desjoyaux mid-high shelter

Do you want to swim and enjoy your pool sheltered from the wind and the rain? What you need is the mid-high shelter. It also provides security for your pool.

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Desjoyaux residential enclosure

Do you want to turn your pool area into a real enclosed room? The Desjoyaux residential enclosure maintains an ideal temperature and more stable water quality, while providing a safety perimeter.

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Desjoyaux powered pool shelter

Give your arms a rest! Automate the opening and closing of your low or mid-high shelter with a robust, innovative motor system.

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