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Desjoyaux pool cover

Desjoyaux pool cover: from the simplest to the most sophisticated, every pool cover will take good care of your pool!

Desjoyaux pool covers have got all your requirements covered. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, every pool cover will take good care of your pool. Check out the complete range of pool covers and choose the one that's best for you. Whatever your pool and your wishes, you will find the ideal pool cover! Practical, attractive and efficient: the pool cover is the essential element for all pools.

Above-ground pool cover

Our above-ground motorised floating slatted roller covers provide protection, increased temperature and comfort for your Desjoyaux pool.

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Couverture automatique hors-sol

Pool roller cover

Our automatic roller motorised submerged slatted covers give you safety, pleasant aesthetic appearance, increase in temperature and protection against algae and other micro-organisms. This elegant cover lies flush with your pool and is quick and easy to deploy.

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Couverture Immergée

The Desjoyaux bar cover

A bar cover (or thermal bar cover) can be used all year round, regardless of the climatic conditions.

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Couverture à barras été/hiver

Desjoyaux bubble cover

The Desjoyaux bubble cover prevents night-time heat loss so you can make the most of your pool during the summer. It makes an economical duo with the roller. However, the bubble cover is not a safety cover, and must be used with a barrier or alarm.

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Bâche à bulle

Desjoyaux winter pool cover

The Desjoyaux winter pool cover is ideal if you need to cover the pool for long periods. Our Grille and Skin ranges limit photosynthesis and algae growth.

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Couverture d'hiver