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The Desjoyaux advantages

A pool is for life. Trust Desjoyaux, the market leader!

1-210,000 families have already asked us to design their "on holiday at home" area. Desjoyaux is the world leader in in-ground concrete pools; a trusted name for over 50 years

2-A global offer for a pool intended for use as a real living space.
The Desjoyaux product offering goes beyond the pool with its accessories, decoration, robots, shelters, etc. Desjoyaux is a pool you can enjoy in 1001 different ways.

3-Innovation for greater simplicity with pipeless filtration and the patented structure.
No technical compartment, fewer leakage risks, a structure designed for simple and safe assembly...a unique concept that opens the door to enjoyment and nothing else.

4-A French family-operated company that is proud of its values.
Born in the Saint-Etienne region, the Desjoyaux family continues to design and manufacture the structure, the stairs, and the paving in its French production facility.

Desjoyaux is a pool to enjoy in 1001 ways.

5-There is sure to be a Desjoyaux representative near you.
With its strong network of 160 dealerships in France and already 450 in 80 countries, we are right nearby to support you in implementing your plans.

6-The 10-year warranty for guaranteed peace of mind.
…covering the structure as well as installation

7-Priority is given to all families, with easy payment options so that everyone can afford a stay-at-home holiday.