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Pipeless filtration

How do you combine quick installation, reliable watertightness, water economy, and efficient filtration? The concept invented by Desjoyaux in 1983 makes all the difference. It is integrated into your pool either in a straddle-mounted unit, a unit built into the structure of your pool, or a filtration unit incorporated in the staircase.

Straddle filtration

Discover the Desjoyaux straddle filtration range: built to last! With its three models, you are sure to find the filtration system to suit your pool.

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Filtration en cavalier

Desjoyaux built-in filtration

Built-in filtration, a Desjoyaux innovation that's attractive, effective, and simple.

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Filtration intégreé PF.I 181

Jet Set filtration staircase

Desjoyaux invents filtration stairs that not only perform two functions, but can also integrate sport and wellness options. For a pool with all the comforts of home!

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