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In-ground pool

Desjoyaux in-ground pool:

have your in-ground pool built and installed by the in-ground pool leader.

Stages of construction of a Desjoyaux in-ground pool

The installation of your in-ground pool is our core business at Desjoyaux! A flawless installation: that's what your absolute happiness around the pool depends on first and foremost. For this purpose, Desjoyaux hires professional, trained masons who work according to traditional, tried and tested methods.

1 - The panels of the in-ground pool are reinforced and the concrete is poured on site in a single operation to connect the bed-slab and the walls, creating a monolithic, self-supporting structure.

2- After casting, a smooth concrete surface is created on the reinforced concrete foundation slab of the in-ground pool.

3- The pool is then ready to receive the liner. The liner is secured to the top of the casing using a liner lock, and covers the bottom and the walls.

At Desjoyaux, the pleasure of swimming is guaranteed by our know-how. We bring all our skills to provide you with a quality in-ground pool!

4- To ensure its solidity and safety, the whole "active permanent casing" construction process is inspected by Bureau Veritas.

5- The structure of your Desjoyaux in-ground pool benefits from a ten-year warranty covering manufacture and installation.

Your in-ground pool is ready... just dive in!