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Pool kit

Make your dream come true with a Desjoyaux pool kit. Build your own pool with all the elements supplied in your pool kit!

The Desjoyaux network will guide you though every stage of your project, whenever you like !

The pool kit: who is it for, and why?

Desjoyaux gives those who enjoy making things the opportunity to build their dreams thanks to the pool kit.

With the assisted pool kit, we can lend a hand according to your needs. Families who choose a pool kit usually set up the structure and pour the concrete themselves. Our teams can take over for the tricky parts: for example, we will install the liner or the filtration system of your pool kit.

Desjoyaux experts guide you through every step of your pool kit project, whenever you wish!
Every pool kit is supplied with detailed instructions and contains all the equipment you need to build your pool (but you must supply the concrete for your pool kit).

The pool kit is the pool you your own pace!

The pool kit: the advantages

The pool kit is much more than just a pool you build; it's a whole project to complete.

It's for everyone who wants to take part in the construction of their pool. The pool kit is the ideal solution for the handyman or handywoman who wants to take the installation of their in-ground pool into their own hands. When you choose a pool kit, you are also sure to have fun times when building your pool!

Before starting this pool building project, you will need sound knowledge of earthwork, concrete pouring, and construction skills.

Each pool kit comes with the same guarantees and benefits from the same quality materials as a classic in-ground pool.
Trust the Desjoyaux experts, who will give you the best possible guidance during the construction of your pool.