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Design and ergonomics

The JD Spa line offers the greatest possible ergonomic comfort in the seating; comfort that combines elegance and style. Easy access, extra-wide edges and deep seats for the perfect combination of technology and comfort. All models are equipped with many jets using the Venturi effect, procuring unrivaled relaxation.  Each user can adjust the settings of his or her seat in the spa. 


The ergonomic seats of your JD Spa


Built-in massage seat

Around an ergonomic cushion, adjustable jets are directed toward the shoulders to gently release all the tension that has built up during the day.

A big jet aimed at the lower back and a set of carefully positioned smaller jets massage the back, thighs and calves for total relaxation.

Finally, jets positioned in the foot area provide a complete massage for the arch of the foot.


Lounge seat

The very comfortable reclined lounge seat hugs the body snugly. A set of strategically positioned water jets relaxes the back, legs, and feet.


Specially designed seat for women

This seat is designed especially to fit feminine contours. The seat is in a reclining position, for relaxation after a day at work and when the kids are in bed.


The armrest, headrest, and fountain round out the perfect comfort of the spa.


Shell, trim : colours and finishes


Range of colours

For our spas we have selected particularly smooth and attractive shades  made of a blend of acrylics for better light refraction, creating a deeper and brighter finish.

Our spas are available in two colours: Sterling Silver and Pearl White. Contemporary colours that go with any decor. 


Exclusive trim

All JD Spa casings are made from surface-treated wood. The spa skirts are made from composite materials and are resistant to sun, snow, and water, making them maintenance-free. 


A finish designed to last

The trim finish colours are bulk-dyed. The trim is available in grey.