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Guide to a successful pool renovation

Embarking on pool renovation projects can be a tricky and risky operation. Before you start, review your expectations and entrust your project to professionals. Our Desjoyaux experts can guide you and take charge of your pool renovation.

Leakage problem, renewing the filtration system, or wanting something new for your pool... Ask for Desjoyaux to renovate your pool: an efficient, quality solution!


LEAKAGE PROBLEM: The choice of an efficient pool renovation

Do you have leaks or cracks in your pool? Desjoyaux can install a new liner quickly and without any problem. This quick and easy pool renovation is guaranteed to bring an end to your pool leakage problems.

Quick pool renovation: renew your filtration system

Thanks to the Desjoyaux filtration system, which can be installed on all pools of any make, you can choose a unique and innovative pool renovation solution. Instead of simply filling...or breaking everything, Desjoyaux offers a lightweight pool renovation that is guaranteed to be effective. Our solution? Make your pool a Desjoyaux pool with our pipeless filtration system.

The Desjoyaux filtration system can be installed on all pools, regardless of make

Pool renovation: the need for something new

Do you want to beautify your pool and give it a new lease of life? Here are some simple pool renovation solutions that get spectacular results!

Changing the paving: whether it's a small surface or a wide deck, in our range you will find the most suitable material for your set-up. This pool renovation lets you easily change the style of your pool and adapt it in the best possible way to your environment.
Creating or recreating stairs: corner staircase, submerged "American beach" or "bench"...the staircase can become a real comfort option for your pool, for children and adults alike. Whatever type of pool you have, we can adapt it with the stairs you need.