Discover our simple and cost-effective solutions for treating the water in your pool. The Piscines Desjoyaux Group has chosen models that meet the specific needs of each pool owner: • Salt electrolysis: Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, the electrolyser breaks down the salt in the pool to produce natural and non-irritant chlorine. • pH regulator: Checks the pH level and makes the necessary corrections without human intervention. • Electrolyser and pH regulator: A 2-in-1 device for optimum comfort. As both a regulator and electrolyser, the device analyses and corrects your pH, as well as generating chlorine by the electrolysis of salt water. For simplified care of your pool and guaranteed comfort for swimming, choose the automatic treatment solution that suits you best.


• For pools of 40 to 90m3
• Self-diagnostic alarm
• 6-month warranty for the sensor
• 2-year warranty for the device