The construction of a swimming pool is a project that involves its maintenance and sometimes its renovation. Renovation occurs when the pool shows obvious signs of obsolescence.

A need for renovation

After a number of years, some parts of the pool need to be renovated or modernized without having to change the whole construction. In the case of renovation, some elements need to be well controlled such as the liner (pool lining) which ensures the watertightness, the proper functioning of the mechanical elements (such as the filtration system or the heating system), also the structure of the pool (pool, coping, stairs, …) can also be updated aesthetically.
Over time, your pool will age and some signs of obsolescence may appear. It is therefore advisable to undertake some renovation work. Desjoyaux experts will be able to diagnose the renovations to be done to restore your pool to its original beauty. Whatever the work required, Desjoyaux will find the solution adapted to your type of pool and your desires to give it back its former glory.

Give your pool a fresh new look

Renovation work is also, and even more importantly, an opportunity to “rejuvenate” the aesthetics of your pool. By restoring its aesthetic aspect, you will regain the pleasure to see it and above all to enjoy it fully! Desjoyaux accompanies you in this restyling project to give you all the possible renovation possibilities: enlargement, change of shape, integration of stairs or deck…
The addition of comfort equipment can also be a solution to rediscover the pleasure of swimming: counter-current swimming, heating, pool shelters, … Discover all our advice on how to renovate your pool so that you can enjoy unforgettable swimming moments for as long as possible.