Counter-current swimming is the perfect option for an active massage or an enjoyable and challenging swim. JD Aqua-Jet’s is a counter-current swimming accessory, which can be used with the entire Desjoyaux range of filtration systems.
As its name suggests, counter-current swimming allows you to swim on the spot, which is far more effective and realistic than building an oversize pool if you like “athletic” swimming. JD Aqua JET’S is installed using a nut on the discharge nozzle of the Desjoyaux filtration unit equipping your pool. All you need to do is choose the nozzle you want to install, depending on your swimming ability:
The TURTLE nozzle: a relaxing swim or the DOLPHIN nozzle: an athletic swim. This counter-current swimming option is very easily switched on and off by means of a button on the pneumatic control unit, which is accessible from the pool.