An electric robot is a piece of equipment, which cleans your pool with a minimum of human intervention. There are numerous pool cleaning robot models, the characteristics of which may vary: cleaning the bottom of the pool and/or cleaning the walls and/or cleaning the water line. The usage principle remains the same: once in the water, the electric robot functions autonomously on the basis of the pre-selected cleaning cycle.
Using brushes that are suitable for the pool’s liner, the robot thoroughly cleans the bottom, walls and water line by vacuuming impurities into its built-in filter. The Piscines Desjoyaux Group offers you a comprehensive range of electric robots, which will suit the characteristics of your pool, the use you intend to make of it and your budget.
The electric robot is the ultimate comfort equipment, which allows you to make the most of your pool with complete peace of mind.


• For pools from 8×4 to 15×7
• Bottom / walls and water line cleaning
• Filter cassette or bag from 50 to 100 microns
• From 1 to 6 cleaning cycles Depending on the model:
• Delayed start, filter full indicator, smartphone control, cart, etc.
• 2 to 3-year warranty