Modernising your pool also means adding new equipment to enhance your comfort and maximise the use of your pool.

1. Maintenance equipment

For your pool to remain a source of well-being, let our equipment deal with the maintenance logistics! To clear out leaves, get help from one of our cleaning robots ! All-terrain, operating for the walls, autonomous… adopt the robot you like best! And to reduce the time spent on maintenance logistics even more, try our “water treatment” equipment. Electrolysis operates by adding a small quantity of salt that will destroy algae and bacteria. Thanks to this system, you can reduce the quantity of product, and the disinfectant ingredient is automatically regulated. Likewise, our regulators are simple, economical, and fully automatic. They detect imbalances in the water and order the dosing pump to inject the necessary quantity of product.

2. Heat equipment

Switch to “summer” mode all year round by installing new “heat saving” equipment on your existing pool! Our shelters and covers spend the night preserving the degrees that were gained during the day. They also protect the water from external soiling. This will allow you to enjoy beautiful water at the right temperature in the morning. • Whether automatic or manual, our covers will prevent your pool from catching a cold!
• Low, mid-high, or a real conservatory, you will find the most appropriate shelter height for your use. We can also install a water heating system with our solutions that are adaptable to your pool.
• The heater: for occasional pool use, the heater is the appropriate product to heat your pool.
• Exchanger: a solution perfectly suited to raising the pool temperature quickly and ensuring reasonable consumption. It also lets you heat your pool directly with your home heating system, to keep your consumption reasonable
• The installation of a JD Pac heat pump guarantees comfort and well-being and is based on reliable, economical, and environment-friendly technology: 80% of the energy transferred to the pool comes from the thermal energy contained in the air. Combined with a thermal blanket (bubble cover), the installation of a heat pump can double the length of your swimming season!

3. Creating a staircase

Corner staircase, submerged “American beach” or “bench”…the staircase can become a real comfort option of your pool, for children and adults alike. No matter what kind of pool you have, we can adapt the stairs you need.

4. Laying a liner

To give back colors to your pond, Desjoyaux proposes the installation of coloured liners. If your liner is damaged, worn out by time, it is time to change it to ensure the watertightness of your pond.

5. New space around your pond

Limited area or wide deck; in our range you will find the material that best suits your installation location.
A beautiful beach will give a totally different look to your pool. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, your pool deck will have to be practical: non-slip, resistant to solar heat and easy to maintain.

6. Installation of well-being options

When using the pool, you might discover that a heat pumpor or the counter-current swimming option would be useful for an even more comfortable pool… Contact us to find out how to enhance your pool’s equipment.

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