A heat exchanger, which is also known as a thermal exchanger, allows you to heat your pool water using your home’s gas or oil-fired boiler. The heat exchanger offers you the opportunity to quickly and inexpensively heat the water in your above-ground or in-ground pool. This heating solution is connected to the pool filtration system and the boiler and, thus, allows water to be released into your pool at the right temperature.
The heat exchanger’s output will depend on the size of your pool and its location (indoor pool or outdoor pool); the larger it is, the greater the heat exchanger’s output. The cost of using the heat exchanger is relatively low for an outstanding output, as the water rapidly reaches the desired temperature.


• Titanium tubes
• Polyamide body
• Digital control (depending on the model)
• Flow switch (depending on the model)
• Circulator pump (depending on the model)
• Non-return valve (depending on the model)
• Titanium heating elements with a 5-year warranty
• 2-year warranty covering installation (if performed by a professional)